About the Author

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got some questions about me personally. Here’s my attempt at answering them. If you’re looking for information about what this whole site’s about, check out THE COOKBOOK PROJECT.

NOTE: I am not the author of the actual Simply Delicious Cookbook that is featured here–as far as I can tell there’s no clear attributable sources other than what’s at the bottom of the cards (although if you know more about it, please let me know). I don’t sell or profit from any books, services, or anything else related to this book or cooking in general–this project and blog is simply something I do in my spare time for fun and writing/cooking practice.

Who are you?

My name is Jamie, and I like to cook.  I’ve been an avid home cook most of my life, and recently concluded a short sort-of attempt at a culinary-related career. I’ve recently moved on to another non-culinary career path, but cooking is always still going to be a passion of mine, even (and especially) if I’m not doing it for a living. Currently, I live in Northern California, USA.


Your humble author, with some patriotic face paint.

My husband Adam likes to cook too, and he’s been contributing some posts to this project along the way. Sometimes there’s more from him, sometimes more from me. Depends on who’s in the mood to cook at the time.

What’s your culinary experience?

I most recently ran a facility-based kitchen for an educational institution, planning & executing daily breakfast & lunch menus for various ages. Prior to that, I worked as a pantry/line/pastry cook for a local gastropub/brewery, a barista for a local/independent campus coffeehouse, & a toasted sandwich artist in my high school days. I’ve been cooking since I could reach the countertop, and grew up in the back of several restaurants–I’m at least a 4th-generation cook (it could be more than that).


A somewhat-recent picture of me at my previous culinary job, looking chef-like.

What else have you done besides cook?

Before my brief professional culinary foray, I worked as a high school history, government, & politics teacher in Los Angeles, CA (my hometown) for 5 years. If you want to see some of that era, check out my old classroom site. I’ve been an Apple Mac specialist, a parking enforcement officer, a D1 college athletics compliance intern, along with other a few other jobs and adventures. In my spare time when I’m not cooking, I enjoy taking pictures (here’s my Flickr) and traveling. Thanks for reading!

Want to know more? Have a question, comment, complaint, or compliment? Email me at simplydeliciouscookbook AT gmail DOT com.